You may address your general enquiries regarding PEP to:


PEP secretariat




Marjorie Alain,
Director of communications




You may also find the contact information of specific individuals within PEP (researchers, administrators, directors, resource persons, etc.) through the different items of the menu PEOPLE above. 

Below is the list and contact information of the different PEP administrative offices - based within either of the PEP partner institutions around the world.


Administrative Offices

PEP Global Office - Secretariat

ICIPE - Duduville Campus, Kasarani
P.O. Box 30772-00100
Nairobi, KENYA
T: +254(20) 8632681

PEP Africa Office

Consortium pour la Recherche Economique et Sociale (CRES)

C.P 12023, B.P 7988
T: 221 33 864 73 98
F: 221 33 864 77 58


PEP Asia - CBMS Network Office

Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies (AKI)
De La Salle University (DLSU)
10th floor - Angelo King International Center
Estrada Corner Arellano St., Malate,
Manila 1004, PHILIPPINES
T:  (632) 526-2067  : (632) 230-5100 ext. 2461
F: (632)526-2067

PEP Latin America Office

Avenida del Ejercito 1870
San Isidro
Lima 18, PERU
T: 511 264-1780
F: 511 264-1882

PEP North America Office

1025 av des Sciences-Humaines

G1V 0A6
T:  1-418-656-2131 ext. 2697
F:  1-418-656-7798


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