CBMS Policy Seminar at the Department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

As part of its ongoing collaboration with the Autonomous Department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the CBMS Bolivia Project Team of ARU organized a special policy conference to present the key findings and outcomes from their PEP-supported project. Held on May 6, 2014 (i.e. during the 2014 PEP Annual Conference), at the Santa Cruz Department Offices, the objective of this event was also to secure support from the Government for the scaling up of the implementation and use of CBMS in the entire Department of Santa Cruz.

Among those officials representing the Government of Santa Cruz, who participated in the event and presentations, were: Jose Luis Parada, Secretary of the Treasury, and Naya Eid, Secretary of the Bureau of Statistics. Aside from local authorities of the Sta. Cruz Department, the conference was also attended by officials, researchers and resource persons of the PEP-CBMS Network, led by CBMS Network Leader Celia Reyes, and PEP Executive Director Bekele Shiferaw.

The PEP-supported CBMS Bolivia project initiative was presented by the Project Leader, Wilson Jimenez. Following his presentation, Alvaro Chirino (of ARU) provided a demonstration of the online platform (Comunidad-I) - developed by the CBMS Project Team - which provides access to the data generated from the conduct of the CBMS household census, while documenting the activities conducted in relation to the project. The online platform is now operational and can be accessed at http://www.comunidad-i.info/ 

At the onset of the project (which was selected for support under the first funding round of the PEP-PAGE program

(1) Based on the CBMS Bolivia project status report, produced by ARU


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