CBMS Session

                                                                                          May 5-6, 2014


Day 1



Resource person

9:00 - 10:30am

Session 1

CBMS Methodology

Celia Reyes



This session will present the rationale, objectives and key features of the Community-Based Monitoring System. Current and potential uses of CBMS will also be discussed.







Session 2

CBMS Tablet-based System

Novee Lor Leyso



This session will present the newly developed CBMS APP ( Accelerated Poverty Profiling). While the old system employs paper questionnaires during the face-to-face interview, the new system uses tablets to capture the data and data are submitted to the CBMS portal via internet. The updated CBMS Statsim and CBMS poverty mapping modules will also be presented.







Session 3

PAGE Research Themes and CBMS

Randy Spence



This session will present the relevance of social protection in the informal sector and youth employment and entrepreneurship to national, regional and global economies. It will also relate these two PAGE research themes to other concerns such as volatility, vulnerability, insecurity and resilience.  Implications of post- MDG discussions will also be tackled.







Session 4

Engendering the Analysis

Nancy Spence



This session will focus on how to incorporate gender issues in the analysis of youth employment and entrepreneurship and social protection in the informal sector. Particular attention will be devoted to identifying gender issues and the corresponding data requirements to monitor gender disparities as well as the empowerment of women.

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Day 2 



Assembly and travel to Hall of Honor of Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra




CBMS Policy Forum with Departmental Authorities of Santa Cruz de la Sierra




Meeting with Project Teams

Anne Bernadette Mandap



This session will discuss the possible research questions under the theme of social protection in the informal sector (SPIS) and youth employment and entrepreneurship (YEE). Implications on the indicators to be collected and data collection strategies to be employed to be able to answer these research questions will also be discussed.

Jasminda Quilitis

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