MPIA Program





Morning (9h-12h30)

Chair: Moustapha Nabli

9h-10h: Final Report MPIA-12394 (PAGE 2013)

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10h-11h: Final Report MPIA-12453 (PAGE 2013)

By: Saadatou Sangare Alkassoum, Youssoufou Hamadou Daouda, Mamane Boukari, Fatimata Ousseini
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11h-11h30: Coffee Break

11h30-12h30: Proposal MPIA-12659 (PAGE 2014)

By: Ngouana Koudjou Serge,   Carine Flore Nzeuyang Nzouckio, Claudiane Yanick Moukam, Nana Djomo Jules Medard
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Afternoon (14h-17h30)

Chair: Erwin Corong

14h-15h: Proposal MPIA-12595 (PEP PAGE 2014)

Growth and Employment in Mongolia: a CGE model
By Ragchaasuren Galindev, Telmen Tur, Tsolmon Baatarzorig
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15h-16h:  Proposal MPIA-12661 (PEP PAGE 2014)

Labor market segmentation, policy interventions and inequality in Kenya; analysis in CGE framework
By Tabitha Wambui Mwangi,  Geraldine Kyalo, Hiram Mbatia
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16h-16h30: Coffee Break

16h30-17h30: Final Report MPIA-12387 (PEP PAGE 2013)

Dynamics of Macroeconomic Policies, Trade Liberalization, and Poverty Impact: A CGE Analysis for Cambodia
By Sehn Senghor, Dyna Heng, Sin Sivenin, Vy Theary, and Ban Kosal Cambodia
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Morning (9h-12h30)


9h-10h: Proposal MPIA-12617(PEP PAGE 2014)

Macroeconomics implications of female entrepreneurs facing financial frictions to access to credit: A DSGE Model approach in Cameroon
By Kame Babilla Thierry Urgue, Kendo Sandra
Paper in PDF | Presentation

Discussants: Sunitha Raju and Kevin Moran/Martin Cicowiez

10h-11h: Proposal MPIA-12618 (PEP PAGE 2014)

Dutch Disease, Informality, and employment intensity in Colombia

Paper in PDF | Presentation

Discussants: Yumei Zhang and Martin Cicowiez/Adeola Adenikindju

11h-11h30: Coffee Break

11h30-12h30: MPIA Proposal-12655 (PEP PAGE 2014)

The price effect of fertilizer and pesticide imports from China: the impact on labour market & household welfare
By Ngoc Q. Pham, Bich Tran, Hai Anh La, Huyen Thi Nguyen, Khoa Dang Nguyen,  Thang Cong Tran
Paper in PDF | Presentation

Discussants: Tabitha Wambui Mwangi and Adeola  Adenikindju /Martin Cicowiez

Afternoon (14h-16h)


14h-15h: Proposal MPIA-12598 (PEP PAGE 2014)
Trade Liberalisation and Employment Effects in Indian Manufacturing: An Empirical Assessment
By Sunitha Raju, Bibek Ray Chaudhur, Mridula Savitri Mishra, Ankita Gandhi
Paper in PDF | Presentation

15h-16h: Proposal MPIA-12698 (PEP PAGE 2014)

By Yumei Zhang,  Shuyi Wang,  yehan long
Paper in PDF | Presentation


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