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Cameroon PEP School

The goal of the PEP school in Cameroon is to teach appropriate techniques to study the economic impacts of policies and macroeconomic shocks on national economies or regional groups.

This course has been prepared for students, researchers, managers and experts of the administration who want to strengthen substantially their capacity to formulate coherent strategies for economic growth and poverty reduction. It allows participants to propose or implement macroeconomic policies in response to various shocks, for a more enlightened decision making.

First, a distance training is provided and takes place over a period of two months. It aims to introduce participants to general equilibrium models for the analysis of microeconomic impacts of policies and macroeconomic shocks.

The program is scheduled as follow:

Participants will receive at the end of a training certificate issued by the School.

The courses of this first edition of the PEP school in Cameroon will be delivered IN FRENCH


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