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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question regarding the PEP-Laval school? Most frequently asked questions are listed below. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us at

General Questions

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What is covered by the tuition fees?

These fees include participation in one course, the training material for that course, five lunchtime meals, coffee breaks for each of five days, the opening  breakfast and closing dinner, pre-course distance preparation to the course (for the equivalent of one-day course work). These fees do NOT include the costs of transportation and accommodation to and in Quebec City, and the costs of social activities other than the opening and closing dinners.

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Is this program only for graduate students or can others (professionals) participate?

The audience targeted by this intensive graduate School is mainly of three types.

  1. Staff from the private and public sectors in search of advanced training on the economic analysis of development.
  2. The international community of analysts and researchers in development economics, composed of students and staff of national governments and international organizations whose mandate is to contribute to the analysis and the promotion of development.

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Should I pay the 500$ CAD deposit at the same time as I submit my application?

There is no cost to apply to the School. Only after notice of admission will you be asked to make a payment of a non-refundable deposit of 500$ CAD required to hold a space for you at the School. This payment must be sent in within 15 days of reception of your acceptation letter.

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How do I proceed to obtain credits for these courses?

Ask permission from their graduate advisor that the PEP-Laval course be recognized for that special course; to this end, you might want to refer to this page for course description:

2. Register in their graduate program in a "Special course" (or "Readings") and pay related fees to their university.

That enables the course to generate credits. We then provide a formal evaluation of the students who attend the course through that procedure. The formal evaluation varies for each course. Please refer to course descriptions.

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Can I attend only one of the classes?

Yes, you can choose to attend one, two or three classes.

The costs indicated are for one class (one week)

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Do I have to bring a Laptop?

Yes, you will need a laptop to attend these courses

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VISA to enter Canada

Many participants will require a travel visa to enter Canada. Please contact the Canadian Embassy or High Commission located in your country to receive information about obtaining a visa. Or follow this link to a listing of Canada's High Commission/Embassy offices.

It is important to submit your visa request AS SOON AS possible, making sure that all required documents are presented, including bank statements and proof of employment when requested. Submission of an incomplete file may be enough to lead to the rejection of your submission.

Each participant must make his/her own travel arrangements. Quebec City is a popular tourist destination and you are encouraged to make your plans as soon as possible.

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Are there any scholarships available?

Unfortunately, no scholarships are available for this edition of the School.

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How do I access the training material?

Training material for these courses is provided for all participants (who have paid full fees) at the beginning of the distance learning course. Private access to this material is given through PEP intranet.

However,some training material is available through this link
New material is also posted from time to time.


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Can family members stay with me?

Participants planning to bring family members must make their own arrangements for accommodation. No activity is planned for accompanying family members.  Please see the Accommodation page for a list of suggested hotels.

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Is there a program for family members accompanying participants?

The School is unable to offer activities or excursions to persons accompanying School participants. You can however consult the Travel information page for activity ideas.

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Do you provide babysitting services?

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Do you offer any discounts on program fees?

We offer a 10% discount to organizations sending three or more individuals to the School in the same year, as well as on the second course of a participant. The discount increases to 20% on the third course of a participant.

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What is the deadline for an application submission?

Application deadline for 2014 is MARCH 28. Applications will be accepted until classroom constraints are reached. In order to avoid disappointment, it is recommended that applicants interested in specific workshops apply at their earliest convenience to ensure registration in their first-choice courses.

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Do I need to know French to attend the School?

Courses will be given in English. French is the common language in Quebec City, but it is usually easy to communicate in English with campus staff and in hotels and touristic attractions.

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Can you suggest sources of scholarship funding?

Regretfully we are unable for this edition to assist in search for financial aid.

Travel Questions

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Will my electronic devices (i.e. Laptop, Digital Camera, cell phones, etc.) work in Canada?

Participants travelling from countries other than the U.S. will often need adaptors to plug their electronic devices into Canadian outlets. These adaptors are most easily purchased in your home country before you depart for Canada. They are also available in Canada, but the variety is limited and your country's specific outlet adaptor requirements may not be readily available. Please come prepared. Please be informed that cell phones/ blackberrys need to be specifically intended for international use or they will not operate in Canada.

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Can I drink the water?

Drinking water is safe in Canada.

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Is the food safe?

All food vendors are required to pass food health inspections on a regular basis. The food is generally very safe.

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Where can I buy food?

Supermarkets are readily available and have long operating hours. Fresh produce, snacks, drinks, and basic pharmaceuticals can be purchased at these locations if you happen to forget something or require something extra.

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Can I smoke?

Please be informed that smoking is prohibited in ALL indoor facilities in Canada including campus housing facilities. There are designated smoking areas across campus that the PEP-School secretariat will happily show you, but please be informed that smoking indoors anywhere in Canada or in non designated areas on campus can result in a hefty fine. If cigarettes are a necessity, please also be sure to bring your cigarette brand with you as the brands supplied in Canada may differ from what you are used to.

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What are the weather conditions?

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How should I dress indoors?

Most public facilities on campus and throughout Quebec City are air conditioned, which can feel cold for visitors from warmer climates. Please remember to pack warmer cover-ups such as sweaters and shawls. Avoid sandals when you are going to be indoors for long periods of time; it can be chilly.

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How much should I pack?

Please be aware that airlines have baggage weight requirements. The information is generally specified on your airline ticket. Please accommodate for any additional weight upon your return as the School will NOT take responsibility for shipping any materials.

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What do I do if I lose my luggage?

Lost luggage is common, especially due to international connecting flights. Please inform the School immediately if your luggage is lost. While the School staff will do everything possible to assist you, be aware that it is your responsibility to track down any lost luggage via your airline. Most lost luggage is recovered within 24-72 hours. Please be prepared. Pack 2 days worth of clothing and other essential items in a carry-on bag that you keep with you at all times.

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How safe is living/ travelling in Quebec City?

  • In general, Canada is a very safe country, and so is Quebec City. Pickpockets are rare; nonetheless guard your personal belongings as you would in any foreign city.
  • Women should feel comfortable travelling and walking around the city alone during the day. While the city is generally safe at night, make sure to travel with a partner in unpopulated or dark areas.
  • Cabs/ Taxis are readily available in all central parts of town and can be called to all other areas. Feel free to flag down a cab/ taxi, it is safe, but if you feel in anyway uncomfortable, travel with a partner.
  • Nightlife closes at 3am on weekends in the city. The buses stop running between 11pm and 3am. Make sure that you have planned a safe way to get home before the 3am rush of patrons exiting Pubs/ Restaurants/Bars.
  • Bus schedules are available online. Busses run throughout the city at very reasonable rates. Bus drivers speak French, but many also speak English. Feel free to ask them to alert you when you arrive at a particular stop, or just to get general directions.
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Can I get medication in Quebec?

Bring along any over-the-counter medication that you use frequently. While Canada carries a wide variety of North American brands at reasonable costs, it may be more difficult to track down brands that you are used to from overseas. It is important also to be aware that over-the-counter medications in your country may require a prescription in Canada.

Remember to bring along any prescription drugs that you may require for the duration of your Quebec City stay. While a Doctor is available on campus it can be difficult to get an appointment on short notice. You would also have to pay fees for a consultation (20-60$ CAD, cash only).

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