Thursday, July 03, 2014 - Age: 5 yrs

CBMS Network launches CBMS APP

The CBMS Accelerated Poverty Profiling (CBMS-APP) is one of the recent innovations in line with the development of the community-based monitoring system (CBMS).

CBMS APP entails the organized, systematic and efficient combined use of latest information and communication technology tools e.g. tablets, and the standard CBMS instruments for data collection (core household profile and village questionnaire), processing (STATSIM), poverty mapping and data management instruments.   Data collected through CBMS APP  is transmitted to and stored in a data portal where registered users are given access depending on levels of authorization for use.

The CBMS APP was also developed to respond better to the growing demand from various users of the community-based monitoring system (CBMS), particularly local government units, to fast track the generation of data for use in the preparation of development plans and budgets, and use of data for various development program initiatives. While the need to produce timely information for use in policymaking and program implementation has been one of the key objectives for the development of CBMS in the early 1990s, resource capacity of target users to implement and sustain the system overtime was also a major consideration in the design of the CBMS methodology and its corresponding instruments.  Resource capacity considered include existing skills and knowledge of LGU personnel on use of computer hardware, softwares and data processing systems, communication or electricity facilities available, and budget to acquire hardware and softwares among others.  As such, the initial proposed design of CBMS, developed and pilot tested in the Philippines combines the use of the traditional pen and paper in the household census operations, paper tally sheets for data encoding and paper spot maps (in areas without access to computers and GIS), and of automated tools e.g. excel for data processing.  

With wider access to and more affordable ICT tools and infrastructures in developing countries, the CBMS APP is provided by the CBMS Network to its partners as an option to fast track the generation and access to data from the implementation of the community-based monitoring system (CBMS) methodology as a tool for various development processes. As of date, the CBMS APP is being adopted by selected LGUs adopting the CBMS in the Philippines  and is being deployed in CBMS sites in Argentina.  




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