These are workshops and training in analysis of economic policies and poverty for researchers in developing countries. The training focuses on the analysis of economic policies on poverty reduction. Specifically, the focus is on modeling the impact of microeconomic policies and macroeconomic shocks. It takes place in three complementary ways: distance learning, the training workshop, and distance scientific assistance. To learn more
Pour en savoir plus

  • A UNICEF-commissioned study on the impacts of the international financial crisis on vulnerable groups, especially children (2009).
  • A UNDP-commissioned study on the pursuit of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in Senegal and South Africa (2009).

  • PEP Africa participates in the organization of national, subregional and continental conferences in partnership with other organizations to interact with policymakers, other researchers and the public and disseminate its findings. These Conferences provide a forum for continuous and intensive exchange between PEP researchers and policy makers on the development and improvement of tools for decision making.
  • PEP Africa publishes non-technical summaries that focus on policy implications and / or recommendations that can be drawn from the work done by its researchers to make more accessible the research results.
  • PEP Africa encourages its researchers to publish their work in the form of research papers, articles in scientific journals and books.


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