The idea is to identify areas in which high quality research with a strong comparative component is needed in different countries, and then to work with some key researchers in developing a proposal and seeking funding with the help of all PEP. In some cases, we may want to work with a leading researcher as an academic advisor who could help us develop the specific TORs for the call for proposals, and maximize the quality of the final studies. It may be possible to include the production of a book with the results, while making sure that individual researchers are able to pursue the publication of their work in academic journals. For PEP, this regional process would be a way to continue working with the PEP researchers with successful experiences in the regular networks, as well as to fund more capacity development in countries with weaker research capacities.


Training could be promoted based on the work of PEP schools associated with the four sub-networks (PMMA, MPIA, PIERI and CBMS).

Policy debates

Dissemination of results of PEP-funded research among key relevant stakeholders and promotion of the participation of PEP researchers in key local and regional policy debates when related to their research agendas.


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