PEP-1-t (Single Country, Recursive Dynamic Version)


The PEP-1-t model follows the PEP-1-1 single-country, single-period model. It is a recursive dynamic model, the second research tool of the Standard PEP Model project that emerged spontaneously from the long-standing association between the co-authors. With this model, we pursue the goals that we had initially set ourselves: to crystallize our joint CGE modeling experience, and to share the result with the PEP MPIA Network, and with the modeling community at large. In addition, PEP-1-t is one step towards a deepening of our understanding of CGE analysis and the development modeling techniques that will tackle new problems.

We nonetheless persist in wanting to remain in the realm of operational model building. In that respect, we are fortunate that three members of the team have been involved in a

How to get PEP-1-t Files

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To obtain PEP-1-t_v2.1.pdf click HERE

In this file you will find a complete technical description of the PEP 1-t model

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This file contains the SAM, the GAMS code (resolution one period at a time) as well as the documentation for the PEP 1-t model

To obtain Additional pedagogical and training material related to PEP-1-1 click HERE


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