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The training material offered on this page is the result of a joint effort between IFPRI  and PEP in the context of the AGRODEP  project, and the authors acknowledge the financial support.

User Guide
The objective of the User Guide is to present the different steps a user should follow to apply this particular model to a given country. It is intended for researchers who already have some background in general equilibrium and GAMS and who have in hand a balanced SAM.

For some hints on to debug a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model written in GAMS, the reader is invited to read the Debugator  document. Its aim is to provide a methodology to help the readers debug their own errors.

The reader interested in the complete documentation of PEP-1-t, the underlying economic assumptions, functional forms, calibration procedures, mathematical structure and derivation should refer to The PEP Standard Computable General Equilibrium Model Single-Country, Recursive Dynamic Version PEP-1-t .

The present document does not replace DLRM, which, in our view, should be read by the user before this one.

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