PEP-w-1 (Multi-Region, Single-Period World Model)



This paper documents the PEP-w-1 model developed by four members of the PEP research network. The PEP-w-1 model extends the PEP-1-1 single-country, single-period model to a worldwide multiregional model. It is the third research tool of the Standard PEP Model project that emerged spontaneously from the friendship and long-standing association between the co-authors. With this model, we pursue the goals that we had initially set ourselves: to crystallize our joint CGE modeling experience, and to share the result with the PEP MPIA Network, and with the modeling community at large. In addition, PEP-w-1 is another step towards a deepening of our understanding of CGE analysis and the development modeling techniques that will tackle new problems. In a sense, however, PEP-w-1 is a transitional model, a stepping stone towards the recursive dynamic PEP-w-t, and its successor PEP-w-t-fin, with international financial assets.


How to get PEP-w-1 Files

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In this file you will find a complete technical description of the PEP w-t model

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This file contains the data, the GAMS code as well as the documentation for the PEP w-1 model. We have also added a PDF document on how to create input files for DATA_AGG. This note contains a description of the steps that precede data aggregation using the DATA_AGG.gms program. It is intended for users who have a GTAP licence and would like to use the PEP-w-* models with their own aggregation.


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