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Methods: General textbooks in econometrics recommended for program impact evaluation

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Methods: Background reading

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Methods: Social experiments

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Methods: Non-experimental

General Matching

Assumptions on Matching

Multiple Treatments

Matching in a Dynamic Context


Longitudinal Methods


Combining Longitudinal with Matching


Instrumental Variables

Regression Discontinuity Design

Control Function

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Methods: Others

IV-1) Ex ante evaluations

  • Heckman, James J. (2000), "Causal Parameters and Policy Analysis in Economics: A Twentieth Century Retrospective," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 115, 45-97.
  • Hurwicz, Leonid (1962), "On the Structural Form of Interdependent Systems," Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, edited by Ernest Nagel, Pattrick Suppes and Alfred Tarski. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press.
  • Ichimura, Hidehiko and Christopher Taber (2002), "Semiparametric Reduced-Form Estimation of Tuition Subsidies," American Economic Review, 92, 286-92.  
  • Lise, Jeremy, Seitz, Shannon, and Jeffrey Smith, (2003), "Equilibrium Policy Experiments and the Evaluation of Social Programs," working paper.
  • Lumsdaine, Robin, James Stock and David Wise, (1992), "Pension Plan Provisions and Retirement: Men and Women, Medicare, and Models," D. A. Wise (ed.) Studies in the Economics of Aging, Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Marschak, Jacob (1953), "Economic Measurements for Policy and Prediction," William Hood and Tjalling Koopmans, eds., Studies in Econometric Method, New York: John Wiley, 1-26.
  • McFadden, Daniel, Antti Talvitie and Associates, (1977), "Validation of Disaggregate Travel Demand Models: Some Tests," Urban Demand Forecasting Project, Final Report, Volume V, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Ex Ante Evaluation of Social Programs
  • Wise, David, (1985), "A Behavioral Model Verses Experimentation: The Effects of Housing Subsidies on Rent," Methods of Operations Research, 50, Verlag Anton Hain.  

IV-2) Quantile treatment effects

IV-3) Bounds    

IV-3) Partial equilibrium and structural models  


IV-4): General equilibrium evaluation


IV-5) Miscelaneous

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Applications: Social experiments

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Applications: Non-experimental Methods

II-1) Selection on observables

II-1)-a) Matching methods

II-2) Selection on unobservables

1. Longitudinal Methods

  • Donohue, John, III and Steven, Levitt, (2001) "The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime." Quarterly Journal of Economics, 116, 379-420
  • Duflo, Esther, (2001), Schooling and labor market consequences of school construction in Indonesia: evidence from an unusual policy experiment, American Economic Review 91, 795-813.
  • Galiani, Sebastian., Gertler, Paul y Schargrodsky, Ernesto, (2005). Water for Life: The Impact of the Privatization of Water Services on Child Mortality. Journal of Political Economy, 113, 83-120


2. Instrumental Variables


3. Regression Discontinuity Design


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