Research Resources for IDRC projects

Link to IDRC "research resources" website

This site provides access to online literature search tools and online access to a huge number of top scholarly journals (with downloadable articles). All members of teams who currently benefit from a PEP grant are eligible to receive access to IDRC's Research Databases

The databases collection of the IDRC Library is a resource intended to support the research activities of grant recipients by providing access to a wealth of scholarly literature - a portion of which is full text. These services are available to researchers over the full duration of their research project.

To access the research databases, you must have at a minimum, Windows 95 and Internet Explorer, version four. More information about these databases and other services provided through the IDRC Library is available at the following webpage:

For those PEP researchers who are interested and have not yet received a username and password, please submit an updated list of the names and email addresses of the persons from your research team who will use the service, to the PEP secretariat ( The names of these people should accord with those identified as research team members in your proposal document.

This information will be transmitted to the IDRC librarian, who will provide each approved member with a username and password, and notify you directly as soon as your access is granted. The range of services offered through the IDRC Library will also be described in detail through this email.




"105 indispensable resources for online academic research"

This website, prepared by Ms. Leslie Hanson, presents a list of the 105 websites (and online resources) dedicated to academic research and higher education. The list includes a variety of academic search engines and journal databases, librairies and encyclopedias, as well as other scholarly resources (e.g. informative blogs covering academic journals, and overall articles) that "any aspiring PhD student would find useful".
Find it here:


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