PEP-PAGE video series

The "PEP-PAGE video series" was created to present each of the projects selected for support under the new PEP research and capacity building initiative for Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment (PAGE) in developing countries. The PAGE program is co-funded by UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and Canada's International Development Research Center (IDRC).

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In June 2013, 23 projects were selected to receive support under the first round of PAGE funding. This is one of these projects:

Social protection to the informal sector in Argentina:
the role of minimum wage and income transfer policies

The project is presented in the enclosed video by one of the project team members. Click on the image below to view the clip:

Objective and method

The objective is to analyze the characteristics of minimum wage and income transfer policies implemented in Argentina, since the post-crisis period of 2001-02 and through 2012.

The project aims to produce evidence regarding the incentives/disincentives that these policies might have generated in the labour market, and to assess their effects on employment, wages and distribution, with special emphasis on the informal sector.

To produce the said evidence, the researchers will apply a series of analytical techniques on data from the national Permanent Household Survey, available since 2003 and for each year of the concerned period (until 2012). Find out more about the method.

The project will provide policy makers with relevant information regarding the consequences that modifications of both the minimum wage and the levels of income transfers to households might have on the functioning of the labour market.

Policy engagement

The elaboration of this project takes into account the inputs and conclusions obtained by members of the research team through academic seminars and conferences - both national and international - where these topics were discussed.

Periodical meetings will be held with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Argentina, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office in Buenos Aires and other relevant and pertinent institutions in order to analyze the results and the evidence obtained throughout the project cycle.

Also, through their respective institutional affiliations, the research team members are frequently consulted by national authorities, international development partners, chambers of commerce, trade unions and national media. Their findings and recommendations will thus be channeled through personal interviews, emails and/or the provision of reports.

Recent updates reported by the project team

Since the selection of the project for PEP support, the periodic consultation meetings held with the above-mentioned institutions - to discuss the content and characteristics of the project - have been so under the overall objective of "Articulating the national labour policy with policies that impact on the quantity and quality of employment".

The purpose of this collaboration is to analyze the wage and income levels in relation to changes in employment and their impact on inequality, while seeking to identify the underlying institutional factors - such as collective bargaining, minimum wages, allowances and other income policies - as well as the implications of the segmentation level for the evolution of incomes and wages.

Partial results are also frequently discussed by national authorities such as Ministries and Working Committees of the Senate; international agencies; chambers of commerce; trade unions; and print media of national coverage. These latter consultations are undertaken in personal interviews, through email exchanges and/or the provision of reports which the research team elaborates for this purpose.

Research team

  • Mr. Fernando Alberto Groisman
    University of Buenos Aires, National Research Council (CONICET) and CITRADIS
  • Sconfienza
    University of Buenos Aires, National Research Council (CONICET) and CITRADIS
  • Mr. Albano Blas Vergara
    University of Buenos Aires, National Research Council (CONICET) and CITRADIS
  • Mr. Santiago Boffi
    University of Buenos Aires and CITRADIS
  • Calero
    University of Buenos Aires and CITRADIS
  • Ms. Maria Soledad Cubas



Project links and documents

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