PEP-PAGE video series

The "PEP-PAGE video series" was created to present each of the projects selected for support under the new PEP research and capacity building initiative for Policy Analysis on Growth and Employment (PAGE) in developing countries. The PAGE program is co-funded by UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and Canada's International Development Research Center (IDRC).

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In June 2013, 23 projects were selected to receive support under the first round of PAGE funding. This is one of these projects:

Assessing the impacts of vocational training programs on youth unemployment in Mongolia

Research objective and method

This impact evaluation project aims to assess the effects of short-term vocational training programs in Mongolia, the "Active Labour Market Programs" (ALMP) on earnings, formality, likelihood and duration of youth employment in the country. 

This evaluation is being conducted through the experimental approach of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) - i.e. by comparing outcomes of interest between groups of beneficiaries (of the programs) and non-beneficiaries, while identifying potential spill-over effects. (Find out more about the method).

As a first PEP grant in Mongolia, one of this project's purposes is also to strengthen in-country expertise/experience in this particular method of policy impact evaluation which, to this day, was practically nonexistent amongst local researchers and policymakers.

With the economy undergoing a significant shift in activities towards the mining sector, and away from the labour-intensive sector, Mongolia's labour market will be facing considerable challenges in the near future. Meanwhile, the rates of youth unemployment have remained consistently high over the past decade (around 20%).  



Research team

  • Ms. Altantsetseg Batchuluun
    Professor, National University of Mongolia

  • Mr. Amartuvshin Sanjmyatav
    Lecturer, National University of Mongolia

  • Ms. Bayarmaa Dalkhjav
    Senior Lecturer, National University of Mongolia

  • Ms. Soyolmaa Batbekh
    Associate Professor, National University of Mongolia

  • Mr. Tsogt-Erdene Baldandorj
    Lecturer, National University of Mongolia



Project links - reports and publications

Find out more about this project - its analytical approach and outcomes - through the following links/documents:


PEP project PIERI-12375 (web page)


Project proposal (Word doc)


Interim research report


Final research report


Working paper


Policy brief


Slide presentation


Policy responsiveness and engagement

In 2011, in an official state report on MDG implementation, the Government of Mongolia acknowledged a "lack of comprehensive study on labour markets in the country, and the importance of research to enhance the impact of labour promotion policy".

More recently, it created a new Ministry of Labour - emphasizing the importance and new focus on labour market issues - who quickly reasserted the importance of impact evaluation of previous policies at this early, and critical, stage of labour policy reforms. In fact, in a direct letter addressed to the PEP team, in response to their presentation of the intended project, the Ministry expressed keen interest to cooperate with the team/project and to use the research findings to inform its future policies.

The design of the project proposal was thus completed in consultation with the directors of the Ministry of Labor, of the Mongolian Employment Service Center, and the State Institute for Labor Studies, whose inputs were used to identify the specific evidence gaps to be filled and research questions.

In consultation with the Ministry of Labor, in particular, the Metropolitan Employment Department was identified as another and major stakeholder of the project's outcomes, and thus included amongst the consulted parties.

Recent updates from the project team

Following selection of the project for PEP support, several more consultation meetings were held with all these institutions (including the heads of their key departments/divisions).

The team has been working closely with the Metropolitan Employment Department, in particular, and these dicussions have led to the modification of the project implementation strategy, in accordance to its standards in terms of "registration process". The team also prompted the Department to introduce new promotional activities in favor of the training programs, in order to increase the number of applicants.

More updates to come...




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